Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines and FAQs – LFRV Recipes

Who Can Submit?

Anyone! You have to register to submit.

And all you need is:
1) a beautiful photo displaying your recipe (recommended size: 2000px by 600px or larger),

2) a recipe.

Note that all submissions are individually moderated and LFRV Recipes reserves the right to remove/reject submissions. You must own the copyright to the photo you submit.


What kind of recipe can I Submit?

Recipes submitted MUST be raw “Raw” recipes are not heated above 115°F (46°C).

Recipes submitted MUST be low fat “Low fat” recipes are recipes which don’t contain more that 20 grams of fat per serving or no more than 15% of fat in a whole recipe.

Recipes submitted MUST be vegan  “Vegan” recipes are meatless, dairy-free (no egg or milk products) and without honey.

Recipes submitted MUST NOT include:

  • salt (celery powder is a nice alternative),
  • cacao (carob is a nice alternative),
  • oils,
  • vinegar,
  • fermented products,
  • onions (except the top part of green onions, but chives are preferable),
  • large amounts of garlic (garlic chives is a much better option),
  • and highly processed ingredients.


How do I Submit?

Step One: Make an awesome recipe that’s LOW FAT RAW VEGAN.

Step Two: Take a fabulous photo. Your photo will have to pass our editorial test. No fuzzy, blurry, dark, oddly framed, bad-lighting photos will be accepted. Remember, the photo you submit must be YOURS – you took it, own it and authorize us to re-post the pic here on

Step Three: The photo must be at least 2000 pixels wide, so it will look beautiful on a front page when being featured. 😉 It must also not be bigger than 1 mb, because big files can slow this page down. OK, OK, if the photo is not perfect we will fix it for you – but to speed up your submission, please try to get the photo at least close to 1 MB. 🙂

Step Four (optional): You can also post a link to a video recipe. 😉

Step Five: Click the green SUBMIT A RECIPE button on a homepage. Follow the instructions.

Fill out the:

  • Short Description of the recipe (at least 150 characters)
  • Difficulty Level
  • Recipe Category
  • Cuisine
  • Cooking Method / Equipment Needed
  • Prep Time
  • Cook Time (if it needs dehydrating or marinating)
  • Ingredients and Directions
  • Yields and
  • (optional) Nutrition Facts (maybe it would be helpful to at least fill out Total Fat)

Step Six: Click Submit Recipe! That’s it!

Step Seven: Visit to see your wonderful creation.


Why Was My Submission Rejected?

*Duplicate Submission

*Poor Quality Photo – no this doesn’t mean you photo was “bad” and needs a time out. It just means that it does not meet the image quality for the site. Clarity, framing, color and light are all very important factors in your photos.

*Poor Subject Matter – lack of interesting subject matter for the audience.

*Photo Framing

If you are rejected – don’t give up! You can resubmit the post with another image from the post.

 Here are some tips and tricks to make your photos more beautiful:

  • use natural light and lots of it (set your dish near a window with no direct sunlight and turn off any artificial lights that might be on nearby)
  • do not use built in flash
  • set white balance (if your plate of food looks very blue, yellow, magenta or green, use your white balance tools to fix it)
  • use macro setting on your camera
  • use playful angles (food can be shot both straight down from the top, straight across from the side, and from virtually any other angle)
  • edit your photos
  • garnish your food

See this article for more tips: How to Photograph Food without a Fancy Camera.


How long does it take for submissions to appear on the site?

Moderation can take up to 12 – 24 hours, but we typically review your submissions much faster.


What is the goal of LFRV Recipes? is a user-submitted community of low fat raw vegan recipes. We are all searching for new ideas and inspiration and this is the best place to get them! 🙂


Who is LFRV Recipes For?

Everyone! Longtime raw foodist, newbies, vegetarians, curious omnivores and even skeptical critics. Explore and discover new delicious recipes and enjoy in the process. The LFRV Recipes doors are open to anyone.