Raw Easter Surprise Eggs

Raw Easter Surprise Eggs

By Marina    

April 8, 2015

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Healthy, "chocolate-like", sweet, low fat raw vegan "surprise eggs".

  • Prep: 55 mins
  • Cook: 55 mins
  • 55 mins

    55 mins

    1 hr 50 mins

  • Yields: 10 eggs


About 500g of fresh dates

1 Tablespoon of raw carob powder

1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice

For each egg either an almond, 2 raspberries or a couple of pomegranate seeds


Pattern Paper Napkins, a pair of scissors and tape


Take the pits out of the dates.

Place the dates, carob and pumpkin pie spice into the food processor.

Pulse these ingredients until you get a paste.

Place some carob powder onto a plate and add about half of a tablespoon of the paste.

Place either an almond or two raspberries or a couple of pomegranate seeds in the middle of the paste.

With circular motions move the paste on the plate, over the carob powder and mould it into an egg – like shape.

Continue like this until you spend all the paste.

Place the sweet eggs into the fridge and leave them there for a couple of hours to cool.

Divide each napkin into quarters and prepare some tape.

Take the eggs out from the fridge.

Wrap each egg into one piece of a napkin and tape it.

If you have napkins with a picture of a cute Easter rabbit like I do, form ears for the rabbit... because, the rabbit has to have ears!

And now... try to guess which egg is with an almond, which is with raspberries and which is with pomegranate seeds!


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April 12, 2015

Thank you Tiasha! I am glad u like it. Much love!

Tiasha Slana

April 8, 2015

I love this recipe, Marina!