Cuisine: Mediterranean

Fishless fillets

This recipe is for all of those who crave fish.
No prob, here is some fish on your dinning table! ;)

By Marina

Terrific Raw Tabouli

If you love mediterranean food, tabouli is a must! A little more hearty than a regular salad, filled to the brim with delicious flavors this simple raw vegan version from my "TRA Retreat Treats" Low Fat Raw Gourmet recipe book offers a nice fat free kick!

By Chris Kendall

Persimmon, Orange and Raspberry smoothie

Best smoothie for your breakfast. :) Especially in the winter, when there is an abundance of delicious persimmons and oranges.

By plutm

Raw Chocolate & Raspberry Banana Ice Cream

The best ice cream in the world! People don't believe me that there is no dairy products in it! :) It is super simple to make, anyone can do it! And you only need a freezer and a food processor or a blender. ;)

By Tiasha Slana