Fishless fillets

This recipe is for all of those who crave fish.
No prob, here is some fish on your dinning table! 😉

By Marina

Raw Easter Surprise Eggs

Celebrate the renewal and waking of the spring with these healthy, sweet, low fat raw vegan "Easter Surprise Eggs".

By Marina

Raw Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

If you haven’t tried it yet, it is a MUST. It is one of the best thing ever. The kind of ice cream that you can eat a whole bowl of and feel absolutely fantastic afterwards! What is better than that!?

By Tiasha Slana

Raw Tomaya Soup/Dressing

Here is a great soup/dressing made with papaya! It is sweet and savoury and has a lot of versatility as it can be a soup or dressing or even a dip.

By Jon Kozak

Terrific Raw Tabouli

If you love mediterranean food, tabouli is a must! A little more hearty than a regular salad, filled to the brim with delicious flavors this simple raw vegan version from my "TRA Retreat Treats" Low Fat Raw Gourmet recipe book offers a nice fat free kick!

By Chris Kendall

Raw Russian Salad

In my home country of Serbia, Russian salad is a must at the dinning table for New Year's Eve and other celebrations. This is a raw, vegan and delicious version of the popular dish.

By Marina

Raw Valentine’s Cookies

Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your loved one and share these delicious, healthy, low fat raw vegan Valentine's cookies!

By Marina

Raw Cinnamon Hearts

These cinnamon hearts are the perfect breakfast for Valentine’s Day (or any other day). So cute, really simple to prepare and the taste is phenomenal!

By Tiasha Slana

Raw Cookie Sandwich

Valentine’s Day is coming up! So I made a special treat that you can make for your loved ones. 🙂 And that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make it for others, show some love yourself as well! ♥

By Tiasha Slana

Protected: My Favorite Raw Smoothie (really delicious!)

I love eating oranges just like that and pineapples are truly wonderful at this time of the year. But if I want to make something extra special, then I make this wonderful smoothie - a mixture of orange or tangerine juice, pineapple and frozen strawberries.

By Tiasha Slana

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